When God Is Our First Responder

Asking Abba For Guidance In the Midst of Trials......

This is a guest post by J. Curry Neason author of the books: “Five By Night: Convoy of Angels: Book 1; ”  “Hearts Ashore: Hope and Providence: Book 1,” and ”Beyond the Pale: Convoy of Angels: Book 2.” I asked Juanita to share a personal story about a time in her life when she asked God a question, and received and answer.

I would like to share Abba’s answer to my prayer for help with the anxiety/restlessness that has been plaguing me lately as major decisions and deadlines rush madly towards one another. It is my hope that someone else may be encouraged:

“Let not even one thing pull you in opposite directions (parts) mentally. On the contrary, in each and every part exchange the lack (need) with prayer and afterwards you will be thanking God for his grace (power/presence/or gifting) given in response to your having made the need known to God.


Moreover, the sound mind obtained when all the parts are joined together by God, the one who owns and sustains all things, is superior to and has authority to rise above the confusion and to receive God’s thoughts through faith in Messiah Yehoshua, which will guard your heart (will/morals) and actions against these attacks.”

Phil 4:6-7 (paraphrased)

Grace and Peace,

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