About Me


Hello, my name is Matthew Curry, www.matcurry.com is my blog. Thank you for visiting!
The motto of my blog is also the logo for my blog page, “A Non-Traditional Perspective.” What does this motto mean? Personally, I see myself as an anti-establishment, anti-tradition, anti-status quo  to a certain degree, but I’m not totally against traditions unless they lose relevance, and become ineffectual.

What I blog about

  1. Spirituality
  2. Life Issues
  3. Community
  4. Health/Wellness
  5. IdeasIf I sometimes come across as a bit radical on some viewpoints, or approaches, this is by design.Why I blog1.  I  have  always been curious to know and learn about things,  to question the status quo,  I am convinced that we don’t ask enough questions, I believe that it can actually be dangerous for us to not ask questions, or challenge ourselves, everyday on what we think we know, believe, and why.
    From personal experience, I am hypersensitive to the dangers that  manipulation, oppression, and narcissism  poses for some people.

    2. I blog because I believe the old adage, ” …everyone has a voice that needs to be heard...”

    3. I believe every human being on this planet was created, and gifted by God with a purpose, and  potential to influence, and change the world.


    I am a father of 2 boys, 3 grandchildren, 1 dog, 3 cats, a husband to one wife “Sonja” for 19 years, though not necessarily in the order listed.

    Life Experiences

    I am a 21 year veteran of America’s highways, a professional truck driver.
    I am blessed  by our Lord to be a 14 year survivor of stage 3 cancer.
    A lover of the  outdoors I have never met a body of water that i didn’t want to drop a line into.
    I believe that every human being on this planet was created, and gifted by God for a purpose, and  potential to be leaders that can change the world.